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I am excited about Women at Woodstock, and the more I work on my class on Backstory, the more I see the depth of its use.  I am sure my own work is going to be not only better but easier and more fun to write because of the ideas I have considered.

Every bit as much as that, I am enriched by other people’s thoughts.  In a good class discussion ideas catch fire and one possibility begets others and by the end we are all longing to get back to work, knowing we can write stories that will leap off the page.

A powerful backstory, introduced with skill, can drive a plot, give it life, passion and an honesty the reader will never forget.  We are constantly told to put tension in every scene.  That can be hard to do without looking contrived.  But with the right backstory it almost happens by itself.  It just needs your guiding hand.

Come and join us.

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