Autumn in the Canna Lilies in August

Fall light at 435

Fall light at 435Last week I would have said it seems like Women At Woodstock is a long way away, but this afternoon, as the sun is going down, there’s a feeling of fall in the air – even here in Southern California. It’s not so much the temperature as it is the quality of light; the canna lilies are glowing under one of our queen palms, lit from the side with golden light; the palm and the blue fescue are casting long shadows. I sense the sunlight fading sooner in the day. Fall is coming.

It is indeed only 8 weeks until we’ll be sharing wine and savory treats under the tent at the Emerson Resort and Spa rotunda. So close in time! I am really getting excited as I’m scheduling those of you who’ve registered into the workshops and Expert-Connect consultation sessions. And I’m biting my nails as I’m still trying to find nice cloth bags for the gifts that everyone will receive… I’m thrilled that Marula Oil, produced by the Leakey Foundation, will be nestled among the offerings.  It feels like a party in the making!

Registrations are just shy of 50% now… There’s still time to register, of course, but there are only a limited number of spots, so if you’ve been planning to come but haven’t quite gotten to it, please don’t wait too long. And remember that you don’t have to plunk down the full payment now when you register; Bridget, our concierge, can arrange for a 25% first payment and then 2 equal payments for the balance.

Bridget may be reached via email at or by calling 917-270-2351. Or you can always call me at 213-785-8835 or email me at – especially if you have a lead on beautiful cloth bags!

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