A Group of One’s Own: Creating Community Through Writing

by Linda Lowen It can be hard to think of yourself as a writer if you haven’t had anything published, earned a paycheck for your writing, or shared your work publicly. Even if you write daily, if you write in isolation it’s like the tree falling in the forest — nobody’s there to read your[…]

Patty Chang Anker

How To Get Anything Done

Patty Chang Anker – Guest Blogger Tell me if you do this: You begin a project with great gusto. But before long, you’re getting a snack, sweeping the porch, checking Facebook, dreaming of other projects, because you need a break. You go to yoga class, or treat yourself to a massage. Excited for the time off,[…]

Diane Baranello

What To Do When Life Tosses You A Curve Ball

Diane Baranello – Guest Blogger No matter how well things are going, there comes a time when life tosses us a curve ball. You know what I mean … one of those unexpected challenges we all face from time to time. Maybe it’s a health issue you never saw coming. Perhaps you’ve been unexpectedly let go[…]

Carol Casalino

The 3 Little Words That Can Change Your Life

by Carol Casalino – Guest Blogger Claiming that something will change your life is a really big promise. But it’s one I’m confident in making. Sixteen years in the diet “trenches” with women struggling with their weight and health has proven it to me. Over and over. And over, again. These three little words are so powerful[…]