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Letters Between a Father and Daughter

by Cindy Newcomer Here is a brief intro for the following letters.  My dad died quickly and unexpectedly from cerebral hemorrhage in 1967 at the age of 42.  I was two years old at the time and have no conscious memory of him.  Very little was ever mentioned about him in our home.  To say that[…]

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The Helpful Daughter

by Laura E. Kelly I spent much of my years with my father perfecting my role as the helpful daughter, the self-reliant one who got good grades and didn’t get into trouble, a problem solver, not a problem causer. So it killed me when I couldn’t step up and help my father with a big[…]

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The Mathematics of Parking

by Mary K. O’Melveny I am parking the car. I am quite excellent at this. People comment often on my ability to slide in, a quick wheel turn or two, it’s done. I walk away. My Father taught me to park. A lesson in pure geometry. Mathematics determined most of his daily moves. Like making all[…]

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Lessons My Father Taught Me

by Beverley Golden Parental relationships always seem to be fodder for conversation. Whether our mother and father were wonderfully loving or were absent or challenging, there’s no denying that our parents, both consciously and unconsciously, heavily influence our lives. I’m blessed to have my mother, Lillian, who just celebrated her 101st birthday in March, still here[…]

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The Voice That Carried

by Elizabeth Underwood My father’s brain was dead. They said this as if it were a fact. As if it were true. He did lie there, though, in that bed, not his real bed. In that room, not the room he knew. It wasn’t even his own body now, corkscrew appendages defying all the laws[…]

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Memories and Mourning – My Son From Russia

by Elisa Fleener They called him ‘The Smiler.’ Then they mailed a movie of him. It was a personal premiere for my husband and I with the hope it would squelch the fiery frustration we were feeling after so many failed fertility treatments. The movie started with static then finally the screen flipped to an undernourished[…]

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I Am Not A Mother

by Alice Barden I am not a mother in the conventional sense. I wanted to be, and am very clear when people assume that, “I didn’t want children”, that I actually did. Very much. Just not enough to have them on my own when I was older and, well, possibly able to. I also never[…]