Building Your Big Beautiful Question

Questioning is a powerful tool that we’re all born with—studies report that the best questioners in the world are not trained scientists, journalists, or business innovators, but 4-year-old girls! This inborn tool, however, quickly falls into disuse as we pass through life, squelched by the education process (where answers rule), impatient bosses, and sheer lack[…]

tattoo sun-moon

This 65-Year-Old Woman Walks Into a Tattoo Parlor…

Sounds like a joke, right? But it’s me, and I’m serious. Last year at our final breakfast at the Women At Woodstock Writers Retreat, I mentioned that I thought I would get a tattoo for my next birthday. I made the statement kind of sheepishly, darting my eyes around the table for signs of disgust[…]

author talks to publisher video

I’m Giving Up. And It’s All Good. Better, Even.

If it’s at all techie, I like to do it myself. It’s my lifelong obsession. Show me a panel of buttons, an array of switches, or a bunch of code, and I’ve gotta learn how to work that thing. When I was six, I begged for a “dashboard” for Christmas. I tore the wrapping off[…]

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Back Up To the Cloud – I Beg You

A friend wrote to me about the agony she was suffering trying to transfer all the files from her almost-dead computer to her new one. She was using flash drives and it was taking days. I wrote back to her with this: “I urge you to throw down those flash drives and do this instead:[…]

elderly couple - source

Eldercare Family Drama – I’d Rather A More Boring Tale

Two weeks ago, my friend Jerry’s 89-year-old mother fell down a staircase. I know, horrifying. Miraculously, she suffered no broken bones. But her cuts, bruises, and wrenched muscles will take a long time to heal. She’s in a lot of pain, on top of the usual limitations from a past shoulder injury and, well, just[…]

soulcollage workshop flyer

Veronica Schauder to Lead SoulCollage Session This Saturday

Women At Woodstock alum Veronica Schauder, who led a wonderful SoulCollage session early one morning at our Workshop Weekend last October, will be doing a SoulCollage workshop this Saturday, April 28 in Huntington, NY. If you live in the area, I suggest you go! Click the image below for further details.