Author Ginnah Howard Is Offering Private Manuscript Critique Service to WAW Writers

Last year author Ginnah Howard came to the Women At Woodstock Writers Retreat and shared an illuminating hour with us – about the books she’s published, about the process of writing, about how she was able to define herself as a writer, and how it is to live a writer’s life. It was one of my favorite hours of the whole week. She lead the Writers In Process track at the Women At Woodstock 2018 Writers Retreat and is return, by popular request, in 2019.
I’ve read Ginnah’s trilogy of books, Rope & Bone, Night Navigation (a New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice), and Doing Time Outside. These are but a few of the works that she’s published. I admire her work tremendously. I’m so glad that, through the women I’ve met over the years at Women At Woodstock, I was able to cross paths with this respected author.
Ginnah just told me about a manuscript critiquing service she offers, and I asked her if she would give me details. Below is her description of how she goes about working with writers who have manuscripts underway. Please click on the link at the end to learn more about Ginnah’s process, her rates, her credentials, and how you can work with her.

Manuscript Critiques

Ginnah HowardDo you have a novel, memoir or creative nonfiction manuscript ready for an in depth critique?

As an author who has participated in and facilitated many critique workshops, I am now available to do a close reading of your manuscript. My reading will concentrate on what’s “working” and what still needs to be developed or revised: narrative tension, the ability to use scenes and tuck in back story to build a world that engages, use of a structure that effectively moves the story forward, the use of significant detail, the need for clarity and tightening…  This critique will provide objective, thoughtful consideration of how a writer can improve his or her manuscript and make it more attractive to literary agents and publishers.

If you have a full-length manuscript that you feel is ready for this kind of editing, I suggest that you read the attachment which includes a more detailed description of what would be included in a book-length manuscript critique, as well as a listing of the flat-rate fees depending on its length.

I also urge you to check out my author website,, and my listings on Google which will give you links to work of mine that has been published in literary journals as well as access to reviews of my novels and a creative nonfiction book in the New York Times Book Review, The Washington Times, Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, and Chronogram.

If you decide you are interested, please email me at to arrange to send me an attachment of the first chapter of your manuscript in order for me to do a free-of-charge critique to be followed by a phone call to talk about my comments. If you find that critique and conversation helpful, then you would send me an attachment of the entire manuscript. You would then sign a contract to insure payment and one-half of the fee, with my guarantee that the critiqued manuscript, with in-text comments, and a three-page discussion of areas which might be improved would be emailed to you by attachment within one month, to be followed by a 30 to 60 minute Skype or phone call follow-up to discuss my suggestions and address your questions.

~ Ginnah Howard

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