Author Angela Kaufman Talks About the Influence Women At Woodstock Had on Her

Angela Kaufman has been coming to Women At Woodstock for many years. Now her first book, Queen Up! is being published (release date: April 1). I’m very proud to know Angela, and very excited for her success. She just wrote to me about how her experiences at Women At Woodstock shaped her transformation from wannabe writer to published author. Here’s what Angela said:

One’s on the Way….

Each fall in downstate NY, women from all walks of life gather for the purpose of refining their craft as writers. Some published, some not, some poets, some working on a screenplay, some writing memoirs, some exploring novels, and some a clean slate. All have one thing in common; the desire to make magic with the written word.

In 2016 I attended Women at Woodstock Writers’ Retreat for the first time.  Thanks to the guidance of resident writing coach Linda Lowen as well as feedback from the community, both of my writer’s missions were accomplished. Within five months of attending this retreat, I had revised the completed manuscript of a book I had been working on, and I’d received valuable feedback to help me refine the pitch and proposal.

Queen Up! book coverThis may seem like an easy process, however, we writers become so connected to our own subject matter that it can be difficult to explain our project to those not living inside our own minds. This was particularly true for me, as the book I was working on is a self-help book based on metaphysical and holistic concepts. Our writing projects are our babies, yet we can’t birth them alone. Some of our “babies” have a long gestation period. My upcoming book, Queen Up! has been a work in progress since 2014, undergoing various revisions. The transformation process is not just reserved for the work itself. As writers, we also go through our own rebirth in the process of creating. The community at Women at Woodstock is not just an excellent springboard for incubating your creative work. It is also a sanctuary to nurture yourself as a writer. The magic that creates the written work exists first in the one creating it.

Each member of the community brings their perspective, talents, life experience. This creates a special energy from which we all are uplifted. As the launch of my book approaches, I am reminded how much it has taken a village to bring forth this project, and I’m grateful for the support of the Women at Woodstock Community. This is essential because as writers we walk a generally solitary path. The seeds of ideas come from the world around us, and yet we run with them, often in isolation. Without the sounding board and support of others, we hit roadblocks. It is ironic that even in writing a book about personal empowerment from drawing on internal energy, there were many times during the course of writing Queen Up! when I stumbled through the limitations of my own experience. While there is a writer in all of us, just as there is an Inner Queen in all of us, we sometimes need to see our power reflected in the words or accomplishments of those in our community.

If you have never attended a Women at Woodstock Workshop Weekend and/or Writer’s retreat, the experience is something beyond words. The connections and conversations, the atmosphere and teachings are inspiring, encouraging and life-changing.

If you have attended in the past, and our paths have crossed, then I want to thank you because your presence, your wisdom, your feedback, your energy are a part of what has culminated in this book coming to fruition. This community has been instrumental in helping to bring Queen Up! to life and I can’t wait to share the results with you.

My Give-Back to the Women At Woodstock Community

I am offering special giveaways to those who pre-order Queen Up! From before 4/1/18 and would be grateful for your support in helping to spread the word. All you have to do is order your book, and then forward a copy of your receipt to as your proof of purchase. Click here for more information about the giveaways and special promotion

P.S. Angela will be leading a Flash Workshop at Women At Woodstock 2018: “Discover the Power of Your Archetypal Queen.” It’s going to be an eye-opener. Or should I say “third-eye-opener”? Click here for information on the workshop.

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