ATTENTION: It’s the Problem – It’s the Solution

Alice MarchAttention is our most vital need and most abundant resource for connecting, healing, and creating our lives consciously! Do you pay attention in your day-to-day life? Do you really? Alice March will make you ask yourself that question in a most provocative way – and because her message is so vital, it’s going to be the first thing we tackle as we start our Flash Workshop series on the very first morning of Women At Woodstock. If you attended Women At Woodstock 2016, you most certainly remember Alice; during our last-day mastermind session that year, she stood up tall in the center of our circle and delivered a rousing speech about paying attention, and acting on what we see and what we know and what we believe. Her words and her passion brought down the house!

Alice has a promise for this session that will kick off Women At Woodstock 2018: The women who are there will discover why and how Attention is vital for everyone, no matter how old, young, what color they are, how rich or poor or where they come from. She will teach her 5-step methodology that will give them empowering tools to recover from long-held pain; to create their life with more passion, power, and clarity; and to improve their relationships at home, at work, and inside themselves. And by that she means more power, passion, and clarity every day, night and day.

Alice’s work has been called transformational, life-altering, awesome, and those who have heard her say, “everyone needs to hear it!”

Alice sent me a link to a beautiful article about her, written by Steven L. Denlinger and published on Soul Teacher. It was written several years ago but it could have been written yesterday. It says everything about Alice that is the essence of Alice to this very day. It’s a good read. A really great read, actually. Click here to read, “ALICE ASPEN MARCH: The right kind of attention.

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