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I have another website for my “day job” as a writer and website designer: There, I blog about computer & internet stuff like cool new apps, troublesome software issues, tips on how to do things on your computer quicker and faster, a self-explanatory category called “My Stupid Computer,” and what I call “The Shame Room” – questions my clients have often asked me while saying, “I’m so stupid.” No, they’re not! There is no shame in asking a question about something you haven’t learned. Here’s a quick Table of Contents for that blog – click to read the articles that I’ve written.

Ann’s Tech Tips, Tools & How-Tos Blog

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Cool Apps
Wonderful Websites

For Web Owners – The Crazy House

My Stupid Computer

Tech News & How-Tos

The Shame Room

Universal Truths

Website Design


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