Ann Voorhees Baker – Website Analysis & Consultation

Ann Voorhees BakerIf you have a blog or a website for your business, and you’re wondering why you’re not getting the traffic you should, or why you’re not getting the clients or followers you want, take advantage of a private website analysis and consultation from Ann Voorhees Baker during Women At Woodstock. Ann is a website designer and SEO and social media marketing specialist and has designed websites for clients all over the country. She provides a somewhat unusual combination of services to her clients – website design, aesthetics and navigational flow – the “normal” services that web designers provide, and also security safeguards, search engine optimization, and tools and training for optimum social media integration. As Ann says, “A website without search engine optimization, optimal social media integration, and back-end security features, is like a beautiful automobile with no engine, no gas, and no lock.” Unfortunately, many web designers deal with only the front end – the design and navigation, and nothing else. And if you’re a do-it-yourselfer who’s made your own website, you may not know what you need to do to ensure your site’s security, or how to set up really strong – and really easy – social media integration.

Ann is offering two in-depth website analysis sessions during Women At Woodstock: one on Friday and one on Saturday, for a deeply discounted fee of $75. This must be arranged ahead of time so that Ann is able to gather the necessary information needed to look into the front end and back end of your site, run some diagnostics, and prepare a report for you. To arrange a session with Ann, email her now and book your slot: email and use “WAW WEB ANALYSIS” as the subject line.

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