Angela Mason

Angela Mason

Angela MasonAngela has devoted her life to being a voice for suffering children and travels the world on humanitarian missions. She has walked over land mines, been shot at, held babies orphaned by AIDS, met child soldiers and walked into prisons, brothels and sweat shops where children are abused and exploited.

She is an award-winning speaker. Through her compelling presentations sprinkled with stories, humor and possibilities, Angela motivates audiences to make a difference in their world. She frequently talks about “Hope in Impossible Places.”

Angela was an actress in her native Great Britain before moving to San Francisco where she became a highly successful executive recruiter. Her life changed in an instant one Friday night in 1990.She was watching TV and drawn to a segment on 20/20 that exposed horrific conditions in Romanian orphanages. Orphans were dying because no one was holding them. Angela told her husband, “I’ve got to go to Romania to save the children. Where’s the atlas?” She had no idea where Romania was, but knew she had to go. She had experienced a sense of calling.

Since then she has poured herself into helping children, and joined World Vision in 1993 to help children around the world.Over the years, Angela has convinced TV news crews in the Bay Area to join her on many trips to make documentaries bringing attention to injustices such as the genocide in Rwanda, which won the coveted Edward R. Murrow Award for CBS. Through Angela’s cheerful determination, she has produced award-winning documentaries about Bosnia, Romania, the Asia Tsunami, the sexual exploitation of children in Thailand, child soldiers in Northern Uganda and the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

These days she is especially passionate about stopping the sexual abuse of children. “I cannot bear the thought,” she says. “It makes me so determined to fight it with everything in my being.” She also frequently speaks out about women and girl child issues, the need for clean water and basic health care, and the importance of micro-enterprise development.This committed champion of the poor received the Soroptimist International Award for “Women Helping Women,” the CBS/San Francisco Chronicle “Jefferson Award” and the ABC/Johnson & Johnson “Remarkable Woman Award” presented on the morning show The View.

A friend has said that Angela “is able to come back here and she recreates in her storytelling the experience and the event. And for people who have been watching these things on television and wondering, ‘How can I possibly help?’— she’s able to say, ‘Here’s a way to do it.’”

You will meet Angela at Women At Woodstock West, on the panel of the Friendships & Intimacy workshop – and at our East Coast retreat in October, Angela will share her incredible and moving stories in the keynote address on Monday night!

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