Andrea (Andie) Peck

Andrea (Andie) Peck is a trainer, facilitator, speaker, and coach– certified in Myers Briggs and Emotional Intelligence (EQi.2.0)–who supports and inspires groups and individuals to elevate their Communication I.Q.

By increasing their self and social awareness, her clients learn to identify their strengths, their impact on others, and how to skillfully set and achieve their intentions and goals—whether it is to be a confident, competent speaker; an effective leader; contribute their unique talents or skills; or create and support successful work environments.  

Andie is the author of: Journaling: Discovering Ourselves through Acts of Creation, and a booklet: Professional Image Enhancement: 49 Tips for Achieving Job Satisfaction and Success. She also blogs about effective communication practices in the workplace.

Andie led a hugely successful workshop and a lively Evening Salon discussion at past Women At Woodstock retreats, and our attendees have requested her return appearance several times. We’re thrilled that this year, Andie is kicking off our 10th-anniversary retreat with the workshop, Bringing Out Our Best: The Benefits of Real Self-Care.” It’s going to be the perfect start for our time together!