Aging Beautifully – Vanity or Vitality?

We’re of course well aware of the media pressure and product advertising that stresses “anti-aging,” with claims of products that will erase your wrinkles, take years off your age, fill in your crow’s feet, and so on. And we know it’s pretty much baloney. Plus, it’s all in all a very negative message: “Shame on you for getting old. Hide your face for god’s sake!”

Part of our conscious mental health work after 50 is to resist these messages. We’re older, yes we are. And the longer we go on, at a certain point we even remove the “er”; we’re old, plain and simple. And so what? No, we will not feel ashamed. No, we will not desperately try to hide the signs of our age from the world.

But there’s a big difference between pursuing all those miracle “cures” for old skin, and living and caring for ourselves in order to have beautiful skin. That’s what this workshop is about. It’s about aging honestly, and staying healthy, and having beautiful skin and vitality as we grow older with our pride intact.

Crystal Cobert is all about beauty from the inside out, and that’s what she’s going to teach in her workshop, Aging Beautifully. Does she use skin products as part of her healthy lifestyle and self-care? Of course. But she’s careful in what she uses, she avoids chemicals and additives that actually harm your skin or your body systems, and she’s focused on health and vitality, not masking and hiding natural features of aging.

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