A Twice-Over Getaway:
Women At Woodstock + Getaway House

A Twice-Over Getaway:<br/> Women At Woodstock + Getaway House

After 4 months of Covid19 and quarantining and masks, most people crave social interaction. Me, I crave getting to nature. But I don’t own a country home, I don’t have camping equipment (nor, to be honest, the energy to undertake a camping excursion after all these years), and I don’t fancy staying in a hotel or lodge where I’d have daily interactions with people in the lobby, behind the desk, in the elevator, and in the hallways.

A New Way to Get Away 

So I’m thrilled to have found an amazing new way to get away and into nature, called – you guessed it – Getaway. It’s this brilliant mashup of Tiny House meets Nature meets Recycling meets Zen-Like Solitude. Getaway acquires pristine acres of land and collections of shipping containers, and refurbishes the containers into self-sufficient Tiny Houses, which they place on the land here and there, situated such that each is a little Zen Zone of its own; neighbors are around, but not close enough to be “together.” It’s all about unplugging and Being By Yourself among the trees.

Getaway.House Is a Women At Woodstock 2020 Sponsor!

I loved the concept so much that I contacted Getaway to ask if they would sponsor Women A Woodstock so that our virtual participants could get a boost toward having actual time away in the woods. And – Getaway has agreed to step in as a sponsor of Women At Woodstock Virtual 2020! So now, even though you can’t “get away” to Lifebridge Sanctuary for our October retreat, you can get away for a few days to a nearby Getaway, removed from everything and everybody, for some much-needed immersion in nature before or after our retreat. (There’s no WiFi at Getaway, so you can’t attend WAW from there!) Everyone who registers for Women At Woodstock 2020 will receive a $75-off coupon good for a 2-night stay at any of Getaway’s locations!

Join us at
Women At Woodstock 2020 
and get $75 off on a 2-night stay
at a Getaway location near you!

I’ll be going in August along with my daughter Hannah; we booked two “next-door-neighbor” Getaway houses in Big Bear for a long weekend. How wonderful it will be, for a few days, to go to sleep and wake up among the trees, to smell the soil and the green surrounding us, to sit in front of a campfire at night, to hear the quiet. Life lived simple.

To be honest, we’re referring to this as our “trash can vacation,” or our “dumpster escape.” But we don’t mean it. Look at these Getaway Tiny Houses and all their features:

What About Amenities?

It’s really everything you’d like for self-sufficiency and comfort. Each Getaway cabin includes:

But Is It Covid-Safe?

As safe as it can be. That’s the beauty of Getaway; it’s solitary by design. And, they’ve stepped up cleaning/disinfecting between guests so it’s safer than ever. Here’s what they say on their website: “Socially distant by design, Getaway is a private, solitary experience. Additionally, we’ve intensified routine cleaning procedures to ensure cabins are more deeply disinfected. There are no communal spaces or in-person interaction at our Outposts—this means easy self check-in and check-out processes without a front desk, private outdoor and dining areas, and at least 50’-150’ between cabins.”

So Plan to Join Women At Woodstock Virtual, and Get Away to Nature For Real

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