A Message of Support for Anastasia Somoza

Janet Riccobono, certified life coach, blogger (janetriccobono.com), and a WAW 2012 alum, wrote to Ann Voorhees Baker with this compelling request on behalf of Anastasia, the inspiring daughter of her friends Mary and Gerardo Somoza.  She is asking for help; WAW is helping to spread the word. Information on the fundraising campaign is available here. Read Janet’s message:


Hello family & friends,


Rob & I share our lives with some extraordinary people; dear, dear friends Mary & Gerardo Somoza.  The Somoza family is blessed with four children, among whom are twin daughters Alba and Anastasia.  The girls were born with cerebral palsy yet through the devoted attention of family and education the girls have risen above all obstacles and lead a beautiful, productive life.


Anastasia has graduated from Georgetown University and is currently (working at the Clinton Global Initiative this summer!) studying for her Masters at the London School of Economics and leaves for her second semester NEXT WEEK!!!!


In order to make this happen Anastasia needs full time assistance to help her complete her daily functions, and the attached video was made to help explain in detail why these funds being raised are necessary.


The video is well done, funny, spirited, and heart warming.  They are important people to us and I hope you will take the time to watch it.


Any and all help is fantastic and appreciated.  Please do what you can.  Time is running out.  If Anastasia doesn’t reach her goal, she will not get the care required. As is said at the end of the video, Anastasia IS going to change the world.  And if you know her parents, you know they already have, and she will as well.


You’ll feel better after you watch this video and thank you in advance!


Love to all,

Janet & Rob


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