A Chance To Mentor About Love & Money – “Just In Case”

At last year’s Women At Woodstock, Alice March gave a rousing speech at the Mastermind Session about how we need to take action – to talk less and do more – to mentor those who are coming up behind us. We need to do what we say, share our knowledge, and serve as models for the younger generation.

A client of mine, attorney Aliette Carolan, has done just that by writing an important book called Just In Case!! Lose Your Heart, Not Your Mind: Smart Woman’s Guide to Marriage and Self-Sufficiency. In it, she shares a treasure chest of wisdom and warnings for young women about love and money. Or, to be blunt, about how not to be stupid about money, when you fall in love. Of course, her warnings apply to older women every bit as well as to younger ones.

Aliette is an experienced divorce attorney, and she’s seen it all. Unfortunately, she’s seen more than you’d like to know – women who fell in love, got married, left the finances to their husbands, and then were caught flat-footed and empty-handed when a divorce came along. Unbeknownst to them, a second mortgage had been placed on the house. A savings account had been drained. Credit card balances, or several, had been run up. Income had been hidden in a secret account.

Where’s the money? What happened to the money? they asked.

What happened is that these women hadn’t been watching their money, that’s what. They’d been lulled into thinking that when you’re in love, it’s okay for just one spouse to handle and “know about” all the financial stuff – more often the husband than the wife. And then that assumption had bitten them in the ass.

So Aliette wrote Just In Case to share some wisdom about the difference between falling in love, on the one hand, and abdicating responsibility for one’s own financial life, on the other. In it she explains just what every woman should know and understand about her finances – not because all men are terrible or because everyone is heading for an inevitable divorce, but because it’s just plain smart, and grown up, to know where your money is at all times. And you never know. You could end up alone through disease or death, not just due to nefarious activities of your husband. Be an adult. Be prepared. That’s the lesson.

Says Aliette:

Whether you’re in the rapturous throes of endless love or the first moments of stomach-churning awareness that your marriage is falling apart, this book is for you. It’s for every woman who understands that self-preservation will not happen if you rely on someone else to save you. You need to maintain—or begin to establish—your personal independence and financial solvency if you want to be self-sufficient no matter what life throws at you. You can lean on someone, but you have to be able to stand on your own two feet at a moment’s notice, and that’s what this book is about.

Order this book for yourself if you really don’t have a handle on where your savings and investments – and debts – are. Order this book for the younger women in your life whom you care about. Be a wise woman helping the next generation. Click here or on the book cover below to order via Amazon.

Just In Case book cover


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