3 Women At Woodstock Alums Published This Year – And That’s Not All

Jill DoddLaura Iodice, and Peggy Reskin are living proof that when women come together, great things happen. After attending Women At Woodstock, a gathering for women over 50, all three achieved their dreams as writers. Jill Dodd wrote her memoir on high fashion and a global love affair, The Currency of Love (Atria/Enliven Books), Laura Iodice published an essay in the literary magazine Crack the Spine, and Peggy Reskin published her memoir on sixties-era feminism, Barefoot Frontrunners (Dog Ear Publishing).
These are but three stories of women’s achievements after attending Women At Woodstock. Linda Lowen now hosts the acclaimed NPR program “Take Care” after receiving pivotal advice from a business coach on how to pitch the show. Actress Alice Barden just graduated from Chapman Film School, the oldest student in her class, after being encouraged by Women At Woodstock alums to pursue her dream of screenwriting. Helen Rosen joined Some Nerve author Patty Chang Anker after attending her workshop at Women At Woodstock, in training for her first triathlon. Another woman received help from alums all over the country to find a new job after being laid off from her position of 20 years. And one woman participated in Ragbrai, a week-long bicycle ride across Iowa that she’d always been afraid to do, after being encouraged by alums. Another received little-known information from an attorney about social security that solved a long-standing alimony problem.
Says Women At Woodstock founder Ann Voorhees Baker, “Women At Woodstock is about getting away, joining like-minded women, and gaining the courage to change the course of your life. Our gatherings are Networking Event meets Slumber Party meets Rap Session meets Introspective Retreat. The women who attend are knowledgeable, connected, and compassionate. They encourage and facilitate one another’s dreams. Those who attend come away no longer thinking, ‘if only I could,’ but rather, ‘I can and I will.’”
Women At Woodstock is held every fall at Lifebridge Sanctuary, a secluded lodge outside Woodstock, NY. There are two events: the Women At Woodstock Workshop Weekend for women over 50, October 12-15, and the Women At Woodstock Writers Retreat for women of all ages and abilities, October 19-22. Spaces are limited. Find out more at womenatwoodstock.com and register at womenatwoodstock.com/register.

Women At Woodstock is about getting away, joining like-minded women over 50 (or so), and getting the courage to change the course of your life.

The Women At Woodstock Writers Retreat is for women of all ages and all levels. It includes 2 tracks: Writers-In-Process, and Emerging Writers.

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