25 Experts are Coming Together to Empower Our Kids

25 Experts are Coming Together to Empower Our Kids

parentingDo you still have kids at home? If so, chances are that they’re well into their teen years, which can often mean there’s a bit of conflict here and there. You want the best for your child, of course… and wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could consult a whole host of experts to learn how to best help your child’s success?  Beth Greer has just told me about a global online forum that’s starting on January 20 to specifically discuss what your child needs for his or her personal success.  Here’s a small taste of the topics to be explored and the experts who will offer practical advice and techniques:

Izzy Kalman will empower you to Rise Above Bullying, Mike Domitrz will lead you through Talking to Teens about Dating and Intimacy, and Sherry Gaba will show you how to Prevent and Overcome Addiction in Teens. Anat Baniel will discuss Growth and Possibilities for the ADD/ADHD Child, Brad Yates walks us through how to use EFT for Parents and Kids, and John Seeley will address Getting Kids Unstuck.

All in all there will be 25 leading experts presenting and sharing their knowledge, including Beth herself, who’s bringing her environmental knowledge to the table as part of the team – impressive!  The forum is free, too. Sign up for the Successful Kids Revolution, hosted by Julie Kleinhans, Youth Empowerment and Education Expert and mark your calendar to join in starting on January 20.

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