Linnea Duvall

Good-Bye, Linnea Duvall – One of Our Own, and One In a Million

I just learned that Linnea Duvall, one of our group at the very first Women At Woodstock gathering back in 2012, and a vibrant member of the community from that point forward, has passed away. When Linnea was present, you knew it, and not just because she wasn’t afraid to speak up or to show[…]

Ann Stoney

Beginners Guide to Publishing in Literary Magazines – Advice from Ann Stoney

One of the many women who impressed me at the Women At Woodstock 2017 Writers Retreat was Ann Stoney. Not only is she a beautiful writer, she gets herself out there. Ann has racked up an impressive list of stories published by literary magazines over many years of writing. She’s a pro. I asked Ann[…]