The Currency of Love by Jill Dodd

Jill Dodd , Women At Woodstock Alum, Just Published – “The Currency Of Love”

A third Women At Woodstock alum is now a published writer!  Jill Dodd, author, The Currency Of Love, will see her book released on June 6 by Atria/Enliven Books, a division of Simon & Schuster. One week from today. Wow. The New York Post just published an interview of Jill, “I Was A Saudi Arms Dealer’s ‘Pleasure[…]

farm fresh produce

Fab Find: Farm Box To Your Door

For all my Women At Woodstock community members who live in California – I wanted to share this recent find: a service called Farm Fresh To You, which delivers a box of fresh-picked, in-season, organic produce and other food products from local farms right to your door. I always buy mostly organic foods but I don’t always[…]

Linda Lowen Photo by Lisa Levart

Just Who Is This Linda Lowen?

By now you’ve heard that Linda Lowen, of NPR, Always Wanted To Write, and The Downtown Writer’s Center, in Syracuse, NY, is returning to the Women At Woodstock Writers Retreat again this year. She’ll be leading Track 1 – for Writers-In-Process and providing individualized manuscript review and coaching for all writers in her track. But[…]

selina maitreya

How To Feel Good In The Midst Of It All

This is a terrible, wonderful, stressful, anxiety-ridden, frightening week. For everyone. Lucky for me, just a few weeks ago I received a beautiful, positive, and comforting email from the ever-centered Selina Maitreya, who wrote this prescient piece that I absolutely loved. Read it now, feel lighter, and breathe easier. “Attention Light Masters,” from Selina Maitreya[…]

stick figure in sandwich board

You’re Invited to Promote Your Company – At No Charge

by Phoebe Stout Coordinator, Women At Woodstock Planning for Women At Woodstock 2017 is well underway and we’re very excited about this year’s workshops and schedule. One of our favorite WAW traditions are the gift bags and farewell dinner giveaways. Not only does everyone love a good gift bag and giveaway, but these fun extras are also a[…]

children in orphanage

Memories and Mourning – My Son From Russia

by Elisa Fleener They called him ‘The Smiler.’ Two weeks later a movie of him arrived. It was a personal premiere for my husband and I with the hope it would squelch the fiery frustration I was feeling after so many failed fertility treatments. The movie started with static then finally the screen flipped to a[…]

Not a mother - country Life City Wife

I Am Not A Mother

by Alice Barden I am not a mother in the conventional sense. I wanted to be, and am very clear when people assume that, “I didn’t want children”, that I actually did. Very much. Just not enough to have them on my own when I was older and, well, possibly able to. I also never[…]