Free Thorlo Socks worth $15

Free Thorlo Socks – Worth $15

Thorlo makes fabulous socks; like socks-on-steroids – specially padded, long-lasting, custom designed socks for different foot types and activities. They’re a little bit expensive because they’re so good: $15 a pair.  We’re giving away free pairs – as long as supplies last – to anyone who asks; courtesy of the Thorlo company, who helped to sponsor[…]

"Tuesday Lunch" group

Please Help Diane’s Tribute to Women’s Friendships, “Tuesday Lunch,” Come Alive

I just received this note from my good friend from days long gone by, Diane Stark. Ours is an enduring friendship that has remained strong over many years of distance and silence, interspersed with intense phone calls, emails and, occasionally, get-togethers in person. Four years ago I heard from Diane after a 20-year gap since[…]