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At 5 am I open my eyes. No good reason. She is standing in the dining room, straight little body, so far down below us. How can a whole person be so miniature. Pink corduroy overalls, little striped tee with puffed sleeves, white leather tie-up shoes that look like flattened marshmallows. She is going to[…]

Laurie Stone

Writing Stories from the Level of the Sentence

The following interview with Laurie Stone about her book My Life as an Animal was conducted by Flash Frontier and appears online in their September Feature. Flash Frontier: This is a collection of interlinking stories. The chapters revisit themes, characters, and locations. Did you set out to write such a collection, or did the idea occur to you[…]

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My Next Act Interview Got Me Thinking Again – “Why Women At Woodstock?”

I was honored when Hélène Tragos Stelian contacted me to ask if I would be interviewed for a feature article on Next Act For Women. Well, yeah!  She then proceeded to ask me many probing questions that required me to actually sit down and think about what the hell I was doing with, like, my life.[…]

Laurie Stone

Laurie Stone: Memory Is The Enemy Of Story

Why do you want to write? Because one way or another, you want to share your experience and your feelings about your experience, whether through fiction or memoir. You want to tell your story. And that’s your enemy. Memory, says author Laurie Stone, is the enemy of story. On Thursday, November 3, Laurie will come[…]