Phyllis Levine painting - pensive woman

Look At This Painting. Do You See What I See?

This painting has hung in a prominent position in my home for 21 years. I bought it from an Ohio artist I greatly admire, Phyllis Levine, and with her permission I reproduced it on the first 4-color (and I date myself with that term) cover of the magazine I was publishing at the time, Family Times of Cleveland. I[…]

defiant old woman with cane - source cyclonetimes blogspot

Who Will Take Care Of You? “Me” Is A Wrong Answer.

According to a nationwide survey*, women age 50 and older fear becoming a burden to their families more so than men; 66% of women versus 50% of men are nagged by this thought. More than 75% worry that they won’t have money for what care they may eventually need. Yet more than 60% of women haven’t[…]