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This Is What I Wrote When I Launched Women At Woodstock 4 Years Ago

I’m sitting in my hotel room in Simi Valley, sipping an early-morning cup of coffee and enjoying the sunshine and the quiet, and the warm memory of last night’s joyously raucous celebration at the wedding of the son of my dear old friends Joan and Terry. I’m thinking about how I’ve known Colin, now a handsome young groom,[…]

Diane Baranello - Women at Woodstock 2015

Living Life Is Like Riding A Roller Coaster

by Diane Baranello – Guest Blogger Life. It’s full of ups, downs, hair raising turns, screams, belly flops, eyes closed, eyes wide open, hands up in the air, clutching and screaming, laughing, anticipating highs and lows, considering your fate, looking down from the heights, inching up to the precipice, not being able to see over the[…]

En Passant

Ann Baker to Co-Moderate Discussion at The Three Tomatoes Film Series in LA

The Three Tomatoes film series, which celebrates films featuring, written, produced, and/or directed by women over 40, will be presenting the first American screening of the Hungarian short film En Passant in Los Angeles this week. The powerful, award-winning film centers on 13-year-old Andor, who is forced to become an adult too soon as he[…]

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You’re Not Writing WHY?

What’s Your Excuse For Not Writing? You’re too old? What’s too old? What’s too young? What’s just right? What are you, Goldilocks? Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote Little House On the Prairie in her 60’s. That was after she wrote her autobiography, Prairie Girl, at age 60 and could not get it published. She persevered, revised her[…]