Carol Garcia

Send Carol Some Karma – She’s Auditioning for “The Voice!”

Tomorrow, WAW alum Carol Garcia is auditioning for The Voice. Now, that’s some guts right there. Here’s Carol singing her own tune, “Write You A Letter,” which she performed live for the first time for all of us at WAW in 2013 in Berkeley. Send Carol some karma tomorrow.  She’s got the voice. She’s got[…]

children in the 50s at a birthday party

What was your favorite dress?

What was your favorite dress? The question came up recently in a conversation with a classmate from law school, whom I hadn’t seen in 37 years. We had much information to share about our lives, our children, our husbands, other classmates we’d known, thoughts about the future.  Somehow the subject of our favorite childhood dresses[…]

old woman tiny house - source popularresistance org

Do You Fear Ending Up In A “Tiny House” – And Not By Choice?

After all this time and all of the work we’ve done, many of us feel three things at this stage of our lives: pride, fear, and shame. We’re proud that over the course of our lives we forged ahead, asserted our rights, shattered glass ceilings, broke the mold… and we are proud that as the realities[…]

seedling sprouting

She Awoke This Morning With A Feeling of Hope

This is a guest post by long-time Women At Woodstock alum Kathy Welby Moretti, reprinted with her permission from her blog,  She awoke this morning with a feeling of hope inside her. A seed that had been planted was starting to sprout. A feeling stirred inside her – one she had not felt in[…]

The Louise Log

I Made Anne Happy – Anne Made Me Happy – We’re Both Happy!

One of my first “Dutch Aunt” sessions has come back to haunt me – in a very happy way. I worked with Anne Flournoy, the genius behind “The Louise Log,” on why her site’s web ranking – and web traffic – had plummeted precipitously starting in March of 2015. I dug in, looked at the[…]

Lisa Burbage

Healthy Eating As You Age

by Lisa Burbage – Guest Blogger As you age it is important to maintain a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise. Eating healthy has many benefits that will leave you feeling vibrant and healthier than ever. Did you know that eating healthy can help you live longer and stronger? Good nutrition keeps your muscles,[…]