woman in director's chair

She Wanted to Slap His Smug Face & So Do I

My friend, at the age of 53, is in film school surrounded by classmates decades younger than she. At a meeting with some of her fellow students, she told them that she was writing a screenplay about a woman over 50. One of the 20-something guys in the group rolled his head. “Feh, there’s NOOO market for that.” He looked around with[…]

Lisa Burbage

Did Your Resolutions Die?

Valentine’s Day should be renamed “The Day Your Resolutions Die.” Whatever you vowed you’d do bigger, better, and more successfully for the New Year, chances are that resolution has fallen by the wayside by February 14, especially if the holiday means candy, wine, and fancy meals to you. Here’s some inspiration to recharge your determination,[…]

Carolyn Braddock

Finding Rest in the Midst of Stress – 2016 Retreats with Carolyn Braddock

Carolyn Braddock, a past presenter at Women At Woodstock, is an educator, Tai Ji instructor, consultant, minister, author, and founder of The Braddock Body Process. She specializes in innovative mind/body approaches to managing stress and patterns resulting from traumatic events. […]

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woman in cluttered room - source psychology today

I’ve Got My Own Ad Hoc AA For Clutter Sufferers

I’m in a kind of ad hoc AA for clutter-whelmed women, friends who are struggling to face their own private hells of forty or fifty years of accumulated stuff that’s overwhelming for so many reasons; the sheer volume of it, the shame of procrastination that’s allowed so much to gather dust and choke space, the[…]


I Must Do What I Haven’t Done If I Want Things To Be Different

by Janet Riccobono – Guest Blogger I had a different holiday season this year. One with no parents, no children, no grandchildren, no sisters or brothers. Only myself, my partner, my friends. Only. Ha!  That word suggests that it was a lonely holiday. It is similar to the word “just.” Just Rob & me. Just adults.[…]