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I Worry About Over-50 Women Entrepreneurs Online

Over-50 Businesswomen Are At Special Risk Recently I took on a new web design client, a businesswoman in her late fifties who had a great business with a gorgeous line of products. I relished the prospect of creating a fresh, sleek look for her very outdated website. But something happened right at the beginning of[…]

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The Most Beautiful Creepy Email I’ve Ever Received

I get creepy predator emails from (presumably) men every few weeks. I know we all do. At first they creeped me out entirely, then they became amusingly distasteful. So it goes. But today I received this email that was simply poetic in its own broken way, and I loved it. Here it is: From one[…]

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Big Man, Little Pri#% – How One Guy Stopped My Writing For 5 Years

Up until a year ago I’d taken only two writing workshops in my life – one in New York and one in LA.  In each case my instructor was connected to the publishing or entertainment industry, and I fantasized as I signed up for the course that he would seize upon my work, gush over my brilliance, and set me up with[…]


Forget the resolution – this workshop will kick your resolution’s ass

I’m wise enough to know that a resolution is worth about as much as the paper it’s written on; let’s round up to a penny. And did you even write down your resolutions? For most of us, a resolution is just a thought. Worthless, really, unless we act on it. And worthless in the long run if[…]