George Eliot - source nuneatonlives

It’s Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been

George Eliot said that. We’ve come a long way since the days when a woman of such immense creative powers would have to pose in print as a man in order to be afforded opportunity and respect.  And yet, vestiges of our history as a sex still keep many of us from being who we might have been. Many[…]

Carol Casalino

Is Your Inner Garden Making You Fat?

Carol Casalino – Guest Blogger I’m willing to bet that you’ve been on a weight loss diet or two (or three!) since you first made your New Year’s resolutions this year. But here it is, almost summer, and you’re feeling bad because, once again, you didn’t get in shape for swimsuit season. But don’t feel[…]

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Single? Here’s How to Cut Your Rent or Mortgage In Half

Post kids. Post Marriage. Maybe never married… At any rate, single now and living by yourself… Is this you? Maybe living alone is not proving as satisfactory as before, especially as you look toward the future. You might be seeing lots of articles about how living alone is actually not good for your health.  You[…]

Diane Baranello

Unlocking The Door to Possibilities – In Your Life, Your Career, Your Brand

Diane Baranello – Guest Blogger Success seems to come easily to some people. They know what drives them, where they’re going, and how to connect the dots along the way. It’s as if they have a personal compass to help them take the most direct route and navigate around obstacles that could potentially derail their[…]

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Why I’m Doing Such a Bad Job At Promoting Women At Woodstock – And I Don’t Really Care

I should have been promoting the hell out of Women At Woodstock over the past several months; I should have been sending out reminders to register by June 30 – the “last chance deadline” to get a discounted price. I should have been telling everyone about the fabulous workshop presenters who will be leading our sessions during our two days together[…]


Boomerly – New Way to Build Friendships Over 50

There’s a new online service launching today – it’s called Boomerly and its aim is to help people over 50 meet like-minded friends. It’s not a dating site, it’s not a social network, it’s something entirely new…and it’s free! Hope you’ll join me and check it out today –