Cindy Joseph’s TEDx Talk

Cindy Joseph was one of the phenomenal speakers at TEDx StGeorge last month. Cindy is a make-up artist, model, and the founder and CEO of the first pro-age cosmetics line, Boom! by Cindy Joseph. In her TEDx talk, Cindy discusses ageism, the Pro-Age Revolution, and her decision to stop coloring her silver hair. Way to go, Cindy![…]

Veronica James at Women At Woodstock

UGH. Is a women’s retreat for me? – Veronica James on Finding A New Tribe at WAW East

One of the amazing women who attended Women At Woodstock East in New York last week was Gypsy Nester, Veronica James. In her latest blog post, What I Learned at My First Women’s Retreat, Veronica talks openly about her skepticism of attending a women’s retreat and what happened when she decided to take off her reporter’s[…]

Carol Coronis

Emotional Freedom or Emotional Baggage

Carol Coronis – Guest Blogger Emotional freedom doesn’t suggest being free of emotions. They are designed to call your attention to what is happening within you, and around you, so that you might respond. All emotions derive from needs and drive your choices – they are neither good or bad. They are important, however. The[…]

Ann Fry

Who You Gonna Call When You Have a Great Idea?

Ann Fry – Guest Blogger Let’s say you wake up in a state of mind that’s similar to many other days, where you dread the similarity of this day to every other day and perhaps feel trapped in the way things are. Or, let’s say you wake up one morning, feeling refreshed, excited and with[…]

Carolyn Braddock

Finding Rest in the Midst of Stress with Carolyn Braddock

Carolyn Braddock will be giving a one-day workshop this Saturday, Oct 11th in Santa Monica, CA. The workshop focuses on mind-body approaches to manage stress: – learn how to recognize stress before it accumulates. – simple techniques involving breath, sound, and tai ji/qi gong-based movement to unwind stress immediately. – how to use acupressure techniques for stress[…]

susanna baddiel

A Sign of Things To Come

Susanna Baddiel – Guest Blogger I’ve been in England recently giving some workshops and I’ve been travelling to some new and unfamiliar places. On my journeys I’ve had a few experiences which have brought home to me how even the clearest of messages can become obscured or hard to interpret. On one occasion a road sign had been[…]

Allison Cheston

Pitch Your Business, Sell Your Story

Allison Cheston – Guest Blogger In the book Tell to Win, movie producer and entrepreneur Peter Guber shares how telling the right story enables movies to be made, obstacles to be overcome and people to succeed against all odds. While the focus is on Hollywood, the lesson is universal: tell the right story–the one that[…]