Angela Mason at Womens Salon

Free, Fun, and Fattening – WAW Women’s Evening Salons!

A week ago, a whole roomful of interesting women age 50 or more gathered at Andrea Waters’ fantastic designer label consignment shop – Great Labels in Santa Monica – for a Women’s Evening Salon. Angela Mason flew into LA to attend (thank you, Angela!) and share her amazing, touching, and hilarious stories about the women she’s met[…]

Cydya Smith

Osteoporosis Gnosis – It’s Time To Get Wise

I had a wonderful conversation with Cydya Smith recently. Many of you from the WAW community know Cydya as an alum from Women At Woodstock 2012. She’s the founder of Xuberant Life!, where she is a Health & Wellness Lifestyle Coach, helping people create personalized “roadmaps to health.” When Cydya was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis several years[…]

Kathy Welby-Moretti

HOPE’s Fund Celebrates Kathy Welby-Moretti

A huge Congratulations to Women At Woodstock friend, supporter, and participant, Kathy Welby-Moretti. Kathy is a 2014 honoree at the upcoming HOPE’s Fund event for her contributions to the women of Ulster County, New York. HOPE’s Fund is a grass-roots women’s movement organized by women, for women in need. Since their creation in 2006, they have[…]

Ivy Slater

Women At Woodstock TALK: Ivy Slater

The latest Women At Woodstock Talk interview is with Ivy Slater. Ivy is founder and owner of Slater Success Coaching, where she coaches women entrepreneurs and solo-practitioners to achieve their most heartfelt goals. In her WAW Talk interview, Ivy shares her expertise on a wide range of informative and thought-provoking topics to help guide us[…]

bike ride

10 Ways to Feel Ten Again When You’re Sixty

I’ve experienced a major shift in my life view – largely because of my experiences and the women I’ve met at the Women At Woodstock retreats in 2012 and 2013. Two years and three retreats means a lot of listening to and learning from other Boomer-and-above women, observing their levels of determination, zest, and fun, and observing myself[…]

Ivy Menchel

Women At Woodstock TALK: Ivy Menchel

Ivy Menchel’s Women At Woodstock TALK interview is on the WAW TALK TV channel! Ivy is a Private Wealth Advisor for Sagemark Consulting and a Women At Woodstock presenter. In her interview she offers advice on finding the right financial advisor, how to plan for the future while enjoying life and some tips for handling credit card[…]

Sherry Amatenstein

Sherry Amatenstein’s Interview with Steven Spielberg

This year is the 20th anniversary of Steven Spieilberg’s Shoah Foundation, the nonprofit organization established to record the stories of Holocaust survivors and witnesses on film. Today, there are 52,000 audio-visual testimonies, in 58 countries and in 34 languages, in the archive. In honor of the anniversary, Sherry Amatenstein, who participated in the project at[…]

Bobbi Palmer

Women At Woodstock TALK: Bobbi Palmer

Check out Bobbi Palmer’s Women At Woodstock TALK interview on the WAW TALK TV channel. Bobbi is CEO and The Dating and Relationship Coach at Date Like a Grownup, where she helps women over 40 gain confidence and find love. In the interview, she shares with us what Date Like a Grownup is all about, the importance of loving ourselves and lots[…]