Ivy Menchel

Ivy Menchel Offers Retirement Advice to Chicago Tribune Readers

We’re very excited that Women At Woodstock Presenter and friend, Ivy Menchel, was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune last week about a subject that impacts many boomers. In the recent article, Ivy offers financial advice to women (and men) who are considering retirement.  

Happy Valentine’s Day! Now Give Yourself A Gift.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Maybe you’re anticipating a little gift from a loved one – maybe not. Either way it’s not really so important, because there is one special someone who loves you very much and can give you the all-time best gift you’ve ever received. And, you have 100% control over whether that gift is[…]

Sheila Hawkins

Do Your Goals Set You On Fire?

In the third and final segment of her Goal Getter webinar series, Sheila Hawkins invites you to step back and think about the space that you’re standing in when you create your goals and talks about practical ways to set goals from a place of power. Join Sheila LIVE tomorrow night, February 11th, at 7pm for Creating Goals[…]

Take The Lead

The Event That Every Woman Should Watch

Take the Lead is a movement that we here at Women At Woodstock have been following and cheering on for the past couple of years. Founded by Amy Litzenberger and Gloria Feldt, Take The Lead grew from a belief that right now is the moment for women to step into their own power to close[…]

Barbara Cummings

Sharing Our Desires With Women Who Get It

I like this recent blog post by Barbara Cummings, one of our Experts from WAW 2012. Favorite quote: “Desires fill us with a sense of hope and happiness when we daydream about them. They are not always understood by others and sometimes, if we express them to someone, their reaction might be, ‘Why would you[…]


Set & Get Your Goals

You’ve set your goals and worked incredibly hard but somewhere along the way,  you got off track. We’ve all been there and wondered how we went wrong. In her latest free Goal Getter webinar series, Sheila Hawkins explains what these mistakes are, how to avoid them, and how to reach your greatest potential. You’ll learn[…]

Brad Baker with custom wooden surfboard

Here’s What My Husband Is Up To – Reinventing the Surfboard

It’s not just Boomer women who are reinventing their lives, it’s men too, of course – and I’m happy to say that my husband Brad is one of them.  Just this last year he decided to meld his two passions – surfing and woodworking, and he started designing and building custom wooden surfboards.  They’re really[…]