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Why I Have To Wear a Helmet During Super Bowl

It has to do with some of the ads that I’ll be seeing on Sunday afternoon. For those of us in the Boomer generation, there are voices in our heads that have been crowding in there for all of our lives, many belonging to advertisers who repeat messages that are damaging to our sense of self.[…]

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Expect Coincidences When You’re On a Self-Directed Path – Part 2

A while ago I talked about coincidences and how often they seem to occur when you’re consciously seeking – well, whatever you’re seeking. You seem to find yourself surrounded by a growing web of connectedness that makes uncanny sense. Before our first Women At Woodstock West retreat last summer, I was talking with Sherry Amatenstein about[…]

Beth Greer

The NEW Rules For Living Healthier, Longer, More Productive Lives

Last week I shared information about the 2014 Health Heroes online event – Beth Greer, part of our Women At Woodstock community, is one of the presenters.  The event is tonight at 6 pacific, 9 eastern. Click here to hear beth and a whole host of health and wellness experts: Optimal Wellness Event  I just learned[…]

25 Experts are Coming Together to Empower Our Kids

Do you still have kids at home? If so, chances are that they’re well into their teen years, which can often mean there’s a bit of conflict here and there. You want the best for your child, of course… and wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could consult a whole host of experts to learn[…]