What Were You Thinking When You Decided to Go For Something Big?

Welcome to our first Women At Woodstock Blog Hop – a catalyst, I hope, for lively, interactive conversations among like-minded women! Here’s how it works: I throw out a question, and you blog about it on your own blog. First, though, you need to copy the link at the bottom of this page.  It looks[…]

I Got Left In the Dust of Yet Another Heated Internet Exchange

Such is the state of things with accumulated email and rapid-fire social media postings that I find myself regularly stumbling across stuff I’ve missed by a mile, and I’m frustrated to find myself standing in the dust – not even dust, actually – it’s really the settled and silent ground – of a heated exchange[…]

Expect Coincidences When You’re On a Self-Directed Path

Coincidences cycle tighter and tighter when you’re on a self-directed path.  That actually sounds like a contradiction.  If you’re choosing your own direction, then wouldn’t the unexpected and the random – i.e. coincidences – almost disappear? I am finding the answer to be a big fat NO.  Just last week I was happy to be[…]