MAKERS Reminds Us of Our Own Stories

I just read Marlo Thomas’ Huffington Post article about tonight’s PBS special, MAKERS: Women Who Make America, and I’m sharing the news in the hopes that you’ll open your email in time to run to your television and tune in! She says you’ll need your kleenex, so lay in the supplies and tune in at 7 pm eastern.  […]

Felice Shapiro – We Are The Trailblazers

Great article by Felice Shapiro in Better After 50 – “We Are The Trailblazers.”  She talks about Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg’s mission to empower women in the workplace.  And she gives this our unique perspective – women from the up side of 50 – when we are transitioning, contemplating, reflecting, and working so hard to[…]

You go girl! Linda Lowen to Co-Host New Show on NPR

Our own Linda Lowen – Women At Woodstock (2012) alum, launches her brand new NPR show on April 14! It’s called “Take Care,” and with co-host Lorraine Rapp, Linda will cover public policy and public interest, emerging health trends and alternative approaches, psychology and human behavior, the mind-body connection and other issues that impact our[…]

Who Made These Milestones Up, Anyway? Laura Berman Fortgang

Loved what Laura Berman Fortgang wrote today on HuffPost; as she looks toward celebrating her 50th birthday. She talks about milestones in our lives and how so often they become sources of suffering.  We think we “should have done” such and such by a certain age.  And we see that we failed. And we feel[…]