Keyword Research Quick & Dirty & On the Fly

working like a dogIf  the prospect of keyword research makes you feel about as computer savvy as your pet dog, and you know you don’t pay enough attention to this important component of Search Engine Optimization, a great tool to use is the Scribe Keyword Suggestion Tool.  First, it’s easy.  Second, it’s quick.  Third, it gives you a compact little box of results and suggestions – not a big long nested list followed by various twists and turns of analytical data, so daunting that you end up saying “Feh,” and shutting it down.   […]

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I Take Back What I Said About Pinterest

A few days ago I talked about Pinterest. I diss’ed it really. I did say you should in fact get an account and use it, because it’s popular and it can drive traffic to your site – but I said it with a note of resignation – like, “(Sigh…) Yeah, just do it.” One of the[…]

Good-Bye AVG – I’m Breaking Up With You & You Deserve It – You Really Do

I received this notice today, addressed to the email account I used when I enrolled in AVG. Dear Ann, This is just a quick note to let you know that your AVG protection subscription is due to expire in 45 days on August 26th, 2012. But there’s no need to worry – your AVG protection[…]

I Heard From Where The Hell Is Matt

For about four years I’ve been following this kid, Matt Harding, who’s found the most amazing way to make a living.  I just received an email from him – the first in probably two years, and the instant I saw the subject line, I was glad and I opened it.  Not only do I love[…]

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This Is the Pain and the Beauty of Growing Old

I came across this picture today on the web, and my heart crushed itself – a truly physical, real, sensation. I was suddenly SO SAD, and yet I knew myself to be so very lucky. The picture threw me back in time in an instant to an afternoon with my younger daughter during a week-long[…]

Pinterest – Embrace the Waste

Pinterest is a mind-boggling virtually instant success; the biggest indicator, to me, being the speed with which Pinterest became part of the language of television ads and commentary – literally (it seems) within months of launch.  First it launches, then the next thing you know, there it is; Pinterest’s logo right up there alongside the[…]