Women At Woodstock Launch

I’m so excited to take Women At Woodstock live today!  I’ve been hearing from lots of old friends, making lots of new friends, and receiving generosity, help, suggestions, enthusiasm, and terrific ideas from all corners of the USA in anticipation of our first gathering this October.  This day – the official launch of Women At[…]

Get Twitter Data That’s Actually Immediately Useful

I mean wow.  Many small business owners start to get a brain freeze when social media gurus start talking about the thrill of digging into data about your social media activities – but I’ve discovered a quick, cut-to-the-chase program that shows you what the heck is going on with your Twitter community. It’s not triple[…]

More People Have Mobile Phones Than Electricity

Source: businessinsider.com via Ann on Pinterest   More people have mobile phones than electricity or safe drinking water. In fact, mobile is the most pervasive technology ever invented.  Do you have your mobile website yet? Thanks to Business Insider for this chart. Click here to learn the answer to “what is a mobile website?”  Want[…]