Founder Ann Voorhees Baker Talks About Plans for This Year, Plus Some Other Random Stuff

With host Nicole Cristina, LSCW

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“4 Ways to Build Networks at Retreats: The founder and organizer of an annual retreat for women shares what she’s learned
about creating an intimate environment where people make meaningful connections.” 

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“It’s Your Time” May 15, 2019

Ann Baker on Sheree Clark podcast

Aug. 10, 2018 – starts at 19:40

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What are these retreats?

                  Come as you are...      Be who you want to be.
Why Come to Women At Woodstock...

Like-minded women from all over the United States come to find the group of friends they've always longed for; smart, supportive, open-minded, kind, reaching for all that life has to offer, determined to pursue their dreams.

Most of all, these women believe in themselves, and they are are ready to believe in you.

They come for a variety of reasons, but common to all is a desire for community, an openness to learn from one another, and a longing for real connections that will endure and provide inspiration and support long after our time together in the woods in Woodstock.

  • To find a new tribe

    Like-minded women 50 or so or over, who want to learn and share with one another

  • To learn new stuff

    Healthy lifestyle, tech, movement, nutrition, goal-setting, entrepreneurship, and more!

  • To write among writers

    To learn from seasoned writing coaches and immerse themselves in a writing community.

  • To change your life

    To learn. Try new things. Write that book. Make new friends. BE who you want to BE.

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from those who've been...

Founder Ann Voorhees Baker explains...

Feels Like Woodstock

New Music From Thoughtful Songwriters -
to make you remember, allow you to dream, take you back to the people you once knew,
face your true self, give you hope for the future, and inspire you to do greater things.


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