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ghostwriting – blogs & books
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online design & marketing services
catering to boomer women

One-to-one assistance for setup, design, strategic planning, and management of your online presence to burnish your image and give power to your marketing.
Research and writing services for blogs, e-books,
and full-length manuscripts.
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What I Do:
  • ghost writing
  • website design
  • search engine optimization
  • website security
  • website performance analysis*
  • social media marketing strategy
  • blogging
  • email campaigns
  • press releases
  • DIY training

*Ann offers a free one-hour “Dutch Aunt Session” consultation to review your website
from the inside out and advise you on changes and improvements that will help
increase your traffic, get more conversions, and improve your website ranking.
Click here to email Ann’s assistant Phoebe Stout to arrange a session.

Ann Voorhees Baker
Ann Voorhees Baker
Principal, Net Marketing-123

Net Marketing-123 is me, and I’m Net Marketing-123. I’m a web designer, SEO specialist, social media marketing strategist, and writer, and mostly I work with entrepreneurs over 50. I have a unique knowledge base that’s especially suited to those over 50. It’s this: I know design and css and html and SEO and social media just as they do, but I have far more business experience, and I know what the young ones don’t know:  the landscape from which 50-plus-year-olds are coming. I grew up pre-internet; you did research at the library with card catalogues and the Dewey decimal system and tables of contents and indexes and you did higher math calculations with a slide rule, but I jumped on the techie bandwagon as soon as it rolled up.  I took engineering and computer programming classes in the 70’s at UCLA.  I took my trays of punch cards to the “computer center” on campus to get my programs run. I bought the first Hewlett-Packard hand-held scientific calculator from an obscure brick building in an industrial area (half the size of a brick, it came with a carrying case so you could wear it on your belt); when PC’s came out, I ran to buy the top-of-the-line model: a Panasonic Senior Partner with dual disk drives. Huzzah!

So I’m a techie at heart with an ancient history by today’s standards. I relish web design and SEO and online marketing strategies; I love the ongoing onslaught of new tools, programs, and plugins, but I totally understand when my over-50 clients not only don’t “get” web presence and web traffic and online marketing and all of that stuff, but they really kind of don’t want to. Or they’re totally frustrated by it. Or they downright totally hate it. And I understand why when they seek the assistance of a younger person, communication often is very difficult, because that younger person simply can’t fathom how the older person cannot just know the simplest stuff, and they certainly have no clue how things were done before laptops existed.  I also know that many older entrepreneurs risk being taken advantage of when they hire web designers, SEO experts, and social media strategists, because they can’t really tell if they’re being snowed or if the job is being done properly. And finally, I know how to use proper grammar. It simply is a truth that when a younger person is let loose on a client’s blog or social media account, more often than not embarrassing misspellings and grammatical errors happen that make the client look bad.

What I love most in my work is when the tech world and writing intersect, and that’s when I ghost-write blogs, which I do for a few select clients. I love it; the research, the creating of an editorial calendar, writing the headlines and the copy and the custom metadata, linking to other sites, posting to social media, employing important keywords, and systematically building their presence and power and relationships with others online.

If you’re interested in knowing more detailed information about my background; my degrees (law degree and B.S. in cybernetics), early law practice, subsequent publishing, PR, and marketing career, clients, etc., click here for my bio.

Click here to read my blog posts about social media marketing, web design, search engine optimization, and blogging. And if you’d like to see samples of my design work, click on the button below.

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Here’s what my clients say!


Web Design, SEO & Social Media Marketing:

Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!! I’m forever grateful!

Yesterday I had my Dutch Aunt Session with Ann Voorhees Baker. It was fantastic! Ann took the time to dissect every aspect of our nonprofit’s website – front and back end – and gave me the best advice. I learned so much about how websites are rated, scored, viewed, analyzed, and google-ized (I know, I made that one up!).  Ann also showed us how to connect the website to social media and protect it from hackers. She explained everything in laywoman’s terms, which was extremely helpful. This consultation was the most valuable one we’ve ever had. Thanks so much, Ann, for your superb advice!

~ Sayydah Garrett, Founder & President, Pastoralist Child Foundation

I’m soooo glad I took you up on this and asked you to do a thorough analysis of my website. Since the Spring, for no reason anyone could figure out, my Alexa rank* has been steadily climbing from 771,000 up up and up til it topped out at over 4,000,000 the last time I looked. As of today, it’s at 2,526,063 and I can only think that it’s because of the changes you suggested. THANKS, ANN!

~Anne Flournoy, Producer/Director of The Louise Log

Ghost Writing:

Ann is a true professional. She went above and beyond all my expectations. She listened carefully and then expanded on my words and experiences with thorough attention to detail. Her writing added tremendous value to my project. She was incredibly supportive. She also accommodated the speed at which we needed to produce the manuscript and helped me meet all of my deadlines. I always felt as if she genuinely cared about me as her client and she has an obvious passion for her work. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

~ Author of a book on an evergreen women’s issue, to be published by
Brick Tower Press, J. Boylston & Company, fall 2016


I’m grateful to Ann Voorhees Baker for posting her “Listen To Your Mother” insights. Because of her, I chopped the hell out of my audition piece — it’s down to 830 words for 5 minutes; I left myself plenty of room for expressiveness and emphasis. Send good vibes out at 4:15 ET — much appreciated!

~ Linda Lowen,

Wanted to give a belated shout out to Ann Voorhees Baker who created a series of excellent pitches for the Inner Queen kits! I am amazed at her ability to describe something that I created better than I am able to! Beautiful job Ann and as soon as Mercury retrograde is over I will be sending the agent queries out! Thanks for all the support and wisdom Ann and everyone in this group!

~ Angela Kaufman, Intuitive Angela

Finally, if you’d like to talk with me, just email me at I’d be happy to set up a free 30-minute consultation if you need help with your website, web traffic, social media marketing, email campaigns, or blog, or to discuss a writing project.